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Our mission & role

As the sole representative of the European-wide investment management industry, we engage in dialogue with global, EU and national policymakers and regulators. We provide them the European-wide industry views, evidence-based arguments and technical expertise. 


EFAMA is a reliable source of market data and we provide the platform to discuss with our members and build common positions on the issues affecting our industry. 


We promote optimal conditions for the European fund and asset management industry in its efforts to create value for investors: 


  • Influence and support the ongoing development of the regulatory environment including the Capital Markets Union; 
  • Promote the interests of our Members among stakeholders; 
  • Build confidence and trust in our industry; 
  • Promote scientific research concerning the investment management industry.

Our vision is of a Europe where citizens have access to investment opportunities and products which offer value and help them obtain a secure financial future, particularly in retirement.

Tanguy van de Werve EFAMA Director General
Tanguy van de Werve
EFAMA Director General
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